Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy

A large and innovative pharmacy in the Parkland area

Benefits of Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy

When you need medication or alternative therapies, a dedicated pharmacist makes a big difference. From providing the right products to advising you about common diseases, a knowledgeable pharmacist helps you maintain optimum well-being.

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, the largest pharmacy located in Parkland area, is open on Sundays and all holidays. This innovative pharmacy has 8 pharmacists along with a team of technicians and staff. Customers appreciate the convenience of a vast array of professional services. Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy supplies prescription medications, OTC medications and herbal products.

The pharmacy offers updated information on common diseases as well as medicines, herbal items and a variety of alternative therapies. Dauphin is proud to support the community by sponsoring and promoting a number of events. The pharmacy provides the highest quality customer service and...

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